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The Prophets of Allah: Lessonplans online!
Prophet Adam (as) Week 1


Timeline of Prophets
Prophet Adam
Prophet Sheth
Prophet Idris
Prophet Nuh
Prophet Hud
Prophet Lut
Prophet Ibrahim
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Prophet Musa
Prophet Haroon
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Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

Week 1

 Weekly Goal: 

  1. To know why Allah created Adam and what special gifts Allah bestowed upon him (the gift of life and knowledge to be used to worship Allah). 
  2. To know the results of disobeying Allah (both Iblees and Adam).
  3. To understand Allahs mercy towards His creation through istighfar (asking Allah for forgiveness).


  1.        Read ayats 2:30-38 (Quran)


  1. Why Adam was created, his relationship to the angels (his stature), Iblees and the reason he did not bow down to Adam.  The consequences of disobedience to Allah and obedience to shaitan and Allahs mercy towards His creation.



  1. Play The Name Game, illustrating Allahs great mercy towards us by teaching Adam, the father of mankind, the names of all things. 
      1. English name game:  Play a simple version of animal, vegetable, mineral (i.e. I am thinking of an animal that lives in the ocean and has sharp teeth, answer: shark).  Give clues using words and have the child guess what you are thinking.  You could also play I spy with younger children.
  2. Discuss how one would play The Name Game if Allah did not teach Adam the names of everything.  Remind the children that although Adam sinned, Allah in His great mercy taught him words to ask for forgiveness and that Allah forgave Adam.  We all make mistakes and Allah is willing to forgive us as long as we ask and try to do better.

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