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The Prophets of Allah: Lessonplans online!
Prophet Adam Week 2


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Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

Week 2


Weekly Goal:  highlighting message/relationship with Allah

Additional Reading

Review Prophet Adam's (asws) story focusing on his message, his life in Paradise, creation of Hawa, eating from the forbidden tree, sent to Earth

Listen to The Creator song on Muslim Kids Songs or visit

 to hear.



1) What did Allah teach Prophet Adam (asws)?


2) What did Prophet Adam know about Allah?  (Allah is one, is the creator of all.)


3) What is Tawhid? (Belief in one god, no partners, reliance for everything, etc.)   Visit

to learn more about tawhid's effect on our lives and discuss.Tawhid is a blessing.


4) Did Allah forget about Prophet Adam after he was created? ( No, Allah does not forget. Allah knew Prophet Adam was lonely and created Hawa to be his companion.)


5) Was Shaytan happy for Adam?  (No, he was even more jealous because Adam was happy to have a companion.)


6) Who is Shaytan?


7) What does he do?


8) Did he leave Prophet Adam and Hawa alone in Paradise?  (No.)


9) What did he do?


10)Did Allah forgive Adam and Hawa?


11)What wrong things do we do?


12)How can we ask Allah for forgiveness? 


Give the kids specific words/phrases to help them to verbalize their prayers.

Practice this throughout the week.




Example:  Surat An-nas

From Juz Amma: 30 for the classroom: A.Ghazi

In the name of Allah, most gracouis, most merciful,

I seek refuge with the lord and cherisher of mankind,

the king of mankind,

the judge of mankind,

from the mischief of the Whisperer of evil,

who wispers in the hearts of mankind,

amoung Jinns and amoung men.




Qul'a'udhu bi-Rabbi-(a)n nas,




'Alladhi yuwaswisu-fi suduri-(a)n-nas,

Mina-(a)l-jinnati wa-(a)n-nas.


114:1. As a muslim we know that Allah (SWT) has power over everything.  No one else chasres this

power with him.  No one may help us or harm us without Allah's permission.  Therefore, we always

ask Allahs protection and refuge from all evil forces that are within us and around us.


114:2 Allah (SWT) is the King and Rular of all the worlds.  No one shares power with him (SWT.)


114:3 Allah (SWT) is the only God for all of mankind.  He is the God of those who believe in him.

He is also the god of those who do not believe in him.  There is no god except ALlah(SWT)


114:4 We seek Allahs protection from Shaitan, who places evil thoughts in the hearts of people.

Many people do not realize that these thoughts are from Shaitan.  Her is the worst enemy of mankind.

WHen we follow the Qur'an and the Sunnah of Rasulullah (s), Shatain avoids us.


114:5-6 Among men and jinn are those who behave as the shaitan does.  They are evil, and they place

evil thoughts into the minds of people.  The best way to prevent this from happening to us is to avoid

the company of such evil people.  Instead, we should seek the company of better people.  And we must

always trust Allah's powers and seek his protection.  One who is protected by ALlah (SWT) cannot be

 harmed by anyone.

what we have learned:

Allah is Lord of everyone.

We must seek his protection from the evil inspired by Shaitan.

Shaytan exit both amoung Jinns and amoung humans. 


***Note: Make it a point as a family event, to say this surah before bedtime.  It was highly recommended by Rasulullah(S)

to recite Surat An-Nas (Mankind) and Surat Al-Falaq (the Daybreak)in the morning and at night.




1)'My book of Prophets'.  Make a book of prophets, with the first chapter 'Adam, the first man'. Talk to the students about how this tree will grow and how lineage works.


2) Write a story or play about how Shaytan tricks us to do bad things. Videotape it or record it on a cassette tape. Learn 'audhubillahi min ashaytan ir rajim and teach the children that this dua is a request from Allah to protect us from Shaytan, the cursed. 





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